Are You Determined To Become A Driving Instructor?

Before you feel determined to become a driving instructor, there are some deep insights to consider. You may be motivated with the driving instructors training advertisement on television and newpaper full of promises in Lincoln like earning lots, being independent, meeting great people, no experience needed, work convenient hours, etc.

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Certainly, the first thing you will appreciate about the driving instructors in Lincoln is their independence and flexibility. They are self employed and work for flexible hours.

The second thing is related to driving instructor training programs. Cost of training is high, so the glossy advertisements are sales pitch.

Driving instructor training is challenging

You will need to pass three tests to become a totally qualified driving instructor. It is tough and majority of candidates fail or give up.

1st test is computer based theory & hazard perception test needs to be passed with 50% but you are given unlimited attempts for passing.

2nd test is practical test to evaluate your driving abilities with pass rates 50%.

3rd test is practical test to measure your instruction abilities. It is the toughest test and average pass rate is only 30%.

In general, training packages don’t offer refunds, if you give up or don’t complete the course. Therefore don’t pay lump sum. You can negotiate a deal with local and established driving school, which will make you, fit in practical training easily.

Often deals need the candidate to sign a franchise contract for one year. It means you will need to pay significant amount every week, when you start. In the first place, earning decently as soon as you start is impossible.

There are many driving instructors around London struggling to maintain a full diary. Advertising is hard and driving instructors depend on referrals from past pupils. Training takes time and don’t pay too much.

On Lincs Driving Solutions website you can find more details about how to become a qualified driver instructor.