Documents You Need To Sell Your Car

Have you decided to buy a new car? If yes then you must be willing to sell your old one. But the thing is selling an old vehicle in Hampshire is not an easy task especially when you are not having the complete paperwork. So, if you are asking everyone to buy my car now in Hampshire then firstly you need to complete your paperwork then look for a buyer for your old car. It is because no one will buy a vehicle without complete paperwork and put himself in the legal actions. You need to be very careful and gather all the papers of your vehicle.

Essential paperwork to have

Registration certificate

If you are willing to sell your old vehicle,then it is very important that you should have the registration certificate of your car. It has all the information about your vehicle like vehicle number, engine number, date of purchase, price, etc. Every buyer will ask you for the certificate before you buy it to ensure that it is not a stolen car. This is also needed at the time of transferring the car to another person.

No claim bonus paper

While selling your car,you are also going to need this document. This is basically issued by the insurance company in which they mention that your vehicle has never claimed for insurance. In case if you have filed for the claim then what was the issue and what cost you have paid for the damage that occurred.