Restoration of a Ford F30 by Steve (Bigtruckman)

The winter has arrived and all outdoor restoration has come to a halt. Severe lack of funds has curtailed any major work this year. However the engine has had the head off on one bank, the inside of the bores are in excellent shape, little carbon and no free play in any piston within the bores. One valve had stuck in its guide but after a lot of lube and gentle manipulation the valve(s) are all moving freely. Once the head was refitted it ran as smooth as silk.

I have been on E-bay a lot this year and aquired some parts and tools / spanners (Ford- script) for the head bolts etc. The cab is 90% complete and I have even got one seat back in so I can drive forward / backward within the limits of my humble property to help keep all the oils circulating and prop-shafts from sticking.

I have limited room to work beside the truck and I need to remove the wheels next spring to overhaul the full brake system. However the last time I moved the truck the brake pedal went to the floor, indicating that the master cylinder needs stripping or replacing.

I would be happy to receive info., tips or general CMP chat from anyone who has time to stop by. I am also looking for any V8 tools.

To be continued.......